I’ve Written a Book!

I’ve Written a Book!

I’ve written a book – alright quite a small book admittedly and when I say ‘I’ve written’ – I do mean with the help of various members of our marketing team – @karengibbons, @bob_barker and @lindajvetter  – but none the less, sitting on my desk, fresh from the printers is The Little Book of Web Engagement. It’s  88 pages of tips, ideas, quotes and anecdotes on the what, how, why and who of putting your website into the front line of customer engagement.

I am guessing that you can guess who we believe are the ‘who’ is of Web Engagement (sorry to spoil the ending for you!) – but on your way there you’ll get some really nice quotes from analysts, our customer and other industry experts, wrapped up in some text from me and the team that we hope will help and inspire you.

The books will be used as part of a marketing campaign pretty soon and when that starts you’ll be able to register for one on our website – but if you are interested in getting one in the meantime let me know (it’s free!!).

*** update 16th September 2009 – You can now register to have the little book sent to you here ***

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Hi, I'm Ian Truscott, I'm passionate about how we engage on-line, through content, call it Content Marketing, Customer or Digital Experience Management (CXM/CEM or DXM) or maybe Web Engagement (WEM) is your thing - I'm interested.

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    • Ian says

      And I would love to send you one Kas! DM me on Twitter or drop me an e-mail (first.last at alterian.com) with your address and I’ll get it sent.



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