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Real Life Customer Service is the Benchmark for Digital (Or Just Don’t Piss People Off)

This week I enjoyed a few hours at a roundtable for marketing folks, organised by Marketing Week, the subject of the discussion was personalisation. As we went around the table, articulating our experience of personalisation, the good, bad and ugly, […]

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The Minimum Valuable Sales Pitch Conundrum, The Tease and The Work

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Selling in the knowledge economy is tricky. You are not selling a product, a thing you can see, touch, compare features and easily value against other things that are like it. With a physical product you pick it up of […]

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Uh huh, the customer would ask for a faster horse

If you’ve ever done any sort of customer research in order to inform a user or customer experience design, or maybe to make a product development decision, I am sure you would have heard some bright spark argue against the […]

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Marketers: Engage with the Real People – A Lesson from Brexit and Trump

Regardless of your politics, it seems to me that there is a common thread flowing through the momentous stories of today (Brexit, Trump or Corbyn); the turmoil of uncertainty created by surprise. What’s on the mind of the people seems […]

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