Hi, I’m Ian,

I’m passionate about how we provide remarkable digital experiences that will engage customers through the fog of digital disruption that every contemporary marketer faces. Applying the full range of marketing tools, disciplines and data we have at our disposal to provide digital experiences that have moved from a nice to have to a business imperative.

In a nutshell it’s all about content marketing – from dynamic, personalized websites delivered through Web Content Management, gaining audience insight through customer analytics, social media engagement/monitoring strategies, the ubiquitous always connected mobile web, through to delivering consistent, holistic brand experience across all these channels on the foundation of a sound content strategy – I’m in.

High falutin’ talk, peppered with business speak and lets face it; providing “an experience” is not a business objective for most organizations – it’s to create an outcome.

A digital transformation or content marketing project needs to be connected to an improvement in however success is measured in that business; whether it’s profit, share price, margin, customer acquisition or (rather refreshingly with a charity I’ve work with) the number of people they touch.

To achieve this, we need to tell relevant stories, to create content that is based on insight into the customer and their journey, to efficiently deliver a frictionless, useful customer experience that will drive advocacy and returning business.

I help organizations do that.

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Ian is a creative and energetic person with strong principals and abilities to make things happen. Over the course of three years, Ian and I worked together on many projects from a sales and marketing perspective, I always trusted his critical thinking and ability to synergize sales needs with marketing and finance process and impact. Ron Judd VP, Sales – North America at InMoment


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Recent history

Talking on an industry panel at a user conference

I currently work for MRM Meteorite, a London based multi-award winning integrated, digital and direct marketing agency, creating meaningful connections between our clients and their customers through a combination of data, creative and technology. We are part of MRM//McCann, McCann World Group and IPG.

My role is to support our clients success and the continued growth of our agency (and our European network) though our technical capabilities and strategic technology partnerships, primarily focused on content marketing, strategy and management.

You can read about my first impressions of joining here. 

Prior to MRM, I was with Tahzoo, a customer experience agency based in DC, where I created and led a Content Marketing Strategy practice, helping clients like American Express and Nasdaq.

Prior to Tahzoo I ran SDL‘s global Product Marketing team and also served as VP Content Marketing, I joined SDL from The Gilbane Group, where I spent a year as a Senior Analyst.

Prior to Gilbane I was with Alterian (a marketing campaign, web content, email and social media management vendor, who have subsequently been acquired by SDL) where I was VP, WCM Product Strategy, having previously held CTO and senior product marketing positions at WCM vendors Mediasurface and prior to that Vignette .

(You can see my complete history on LinkedIn).

So, in summary an industry “veteran”, former analyst, writer for publications such InsideCXM, Engaging Times, RWW and CMSWire, speaker, story teller, product strategist, product marketer, evangalist type of chap.

And as a moving picture speaks a million words (or something) – you can see me in action on video.



A bit more background…

My IT career started over 20 years ago as a nineteen year old computer operator at New Scotland Yard in London, working in the civil service for the Metropolitan Police.

It was here that  during the night shifts, between mounting tapes, I taught myself the wonders of UNIX, shell scripting and Perl (you can read a bit more about that here) that started a journey that has taken me literally around the world and allowed me to experience almost every technical job a person can do for a software company from consultant, project manager, developer, product marketing to CTO – before, I took that fork in the road labelled “marketing technologist” that led to my recent career described above.

I am second generation techie, my father was a programmer (before they were ‘developers’) and my first computer experiences are of playing with punched cards and tape as a child, until BASIC and that first ‘microcomputer’ entered our house (a Texas Instruments TI-99/4a).

I’m on Twitter (@iantruscott), I blog here more occasionally than I would like, write for various publications and I am a frequent public speaker,  you may have seen me waving my hands around at events including Technology for Marketing, Gilbane, Butler CMS Symposium and Internet World.

My work has taken me around the world (literally on one trip), I’ve lived in the US twice and recently returned from our most recent time there to Oxfordshire, UK. Whilst I love my work – when I am not thinking about buzzwords to add to this ‘About me’ page – I enjoy a beer, a glass of wine, occasional cigar, good conversation, football (the version you play with your feet), F1 and the rumble of a V8 Oh.. and being a husband and father – of course 🙂

For more of this trivia – back in 2009 I was dared into blogging about 10 things about me.

This is my personal blog, so whilst I witter on about work related stuff, my views are not always representative of my employer or any of my clients – although I’d hope they were pretty close!

Please say hello – I am on TwitterLinkedIne-mail.

Cheers and thanks for reading,


Many of the photos of me on this blog were taken by Mark Koenen and reproduced here with his permission – to see more of his work go visit his website (in Dutch) http://www.markkoenen.nl/