Taking the W out of CMS?


Next in my occasional series where I refer to a different to letter to the one in a TLA (after discussing the R in ECM) – I wondering if it’s time we took the W out of CMS and thought about management and delivery as separate disciplines. I am not the first to think like.. [read more]

Yes, but what does it do?


I was in a briefing call today by a large software vendor, it wasn’t a one to one briefing there were a few of us on the call – I am not going to say who they were and if you know I’d rather you didn’t either. I am sure the point I am going.. [read more]

Just Read: The Tipping Point


In a departure from my normal waffle, I wanted to share a book I’ve just read “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, that I’ve come to very late – it was first published ten years ago and that anyone who’s hung around with marketers for as long as I have really ought to have read.. [read more]