Levitt; More than Railways, the Father of CX?


Years ago, as my career transitioned from being a technologist to content marketing I was recommended to read “Marketing Myopia” by Theodore Levitt, an essay written for Harvard Business Review back in 1960. Here’s the description from HBR: In it, Theodore Levitt, who was then a lecturer in business administration at the Harvard Business School, introduced.. [read more]

Content Marketing: Did you ask who cares?


You are all excited. The CEO is all excited. You have an announcement. And you, as a judicious execution marketer, with your completer finisher attitude are all set. You have a press release lined up, a blog post that’s pre-loaded and an email campaign that’s a mouse click away from letting the world know. But… Aside.. [read more]

Bacon Content


What’s that content that you can’t resist? I’ve often read content marketing advice that says that if you include numbers and lists in your blog posts and mention them in the title – everyone clicks on them. So, if I see a headline that says “top 10 things to do about this” or “5 things you.. [read more]

On CMSWire – Forget the Channels, Focus on the People


Commentators are still referring to a shift in customer experience channels “that is coming”, including this piece by Ted Schadler of Forrester, co-author of “The Mobile Mind Shift.” In it, he writes: Mobile has increasingly become the go-to device to fulfill a consumer need Schadler caveats his statement, he says “has increasingly become,” where I think he.. [read more]

9 Content Strategy Readiness Metrics


I am pretty fortunate to be engaged with some super customers on their content strategy programs. When we start the process, during the discovery process, I inevitably get asked “How do we compare?”. Sometimes it’s a loaded question referring to their competitors, but really organizations are looking to see how they rate against an established best practices and to.. [read more]

Resurrecting Persuasive Content

content is king

Recently I’ve undertaken a career move that has taken me from working for a software vendor, taking our products to market, back to the world of consulting, sharing my experience and advising clients on how to take their products to market. Alongside some super smart folks at Tahzoo, I’m working with our clients to help.. [read more]