Bacon Content


What’s that content that you can’t resist? I’ve often read content marketing advice that says that if you include numbers and lists in your blog posts and mention them in the title – everyone clicks on them. So, if I see a headline that says “top 10 things to do about this” or “5 things you.. [read more]

On CMSWire – Forget the Channels, Focus on the People


Commentators are still referring to a shift in customer experience channels “that is coming”, including this piece by Ted Schadler of Forrester, co-author of “The Mobile Mind Shift.” In it, he writes: Mobile has increasingly become the go-to device to fulfill a consumer need Schadler caveats his statement, he says “has increasingly become,” where I think he.. [read more]

9 Content Strategy Readiness Metrics


I am pretty fortunate to be engaged with some super customers on their content strategy programs. When we start the process, during the discovery process, I inevitably get asked “How do we compare?”. Sometimes it’s a loaded question referring to their competitors, but really organizations are looking to see how they rate against an established best practices and to.. [read more]

Resurrecting Persuasive Content

content is king

Recently I’ve undertaken a career move that has taken me from working for a software vendor, taking our products to market, back to the world of consulting, sharing my experience and advising clients on how to take their products to market. Alongside some super smart folks at Tahzoo, I’m working with our clients to help.. [read more]

Customer Experience – More Than a Pretty App

phone hands

This post has been brewing for a few months, seeded by a bar conversation I had with Scott Liewehr from Digital Clarity Group a few months ago, as it seemed to us that the focus of the discussion around Customer Experience Management (CXM) was currently too skewed toward marketing. Yet, of course, (and the clue’s.. [read more]

Blog Tip #1 – The Why? Measurement, motivation and me


It may surprise you to learn that as a ‘more occasionally than I would like’ blogger and lets face it ‘occasionally lapsed’ blogger (according to my chum Robert Rose)  I am asked for advice about blogging, but this week I was. I’ve read so many tips about blogging over the years, some I’ve learned from.. [read more]

Klout; your score is 100 MILLION


Like just about anyone and everyone who writes about social media, I am going to jump in with a point of view on the reports that Klout will be acquired for $100m by Lithium. I’ve written about Klout before, back in 2011 in this post “They don’t want your name, just your number” and my.. [read more]